Top 5 Grocery Rebate Apps 2015

I don’t know about you guys…but I really want to be a couponer…but it just seems like so much work!  Taking the time to purchase a newspaper, clip the coupons, and organize the little bits of paper just seems to be SO time consuming.  PLUS, having to find the exact coupon you need by the time you check out…it’s just a challenge for me to really get into it sometimes.  However…I do want to save money on my purchases.

FINALLY they have come up with some apps that make this process SO MUCH EASIER!  Welcome to the 21st century coupons…it’s about time.

I’ve been using some of these apps for a while just to see which apps are the best…and which apps are just not worth the time.  So first I’ll list my top 5 favorite Grocery rebate apps…along with some honorable mentions.  At the end of the post I’ll be adding my list of what apps you should really just skip all together.  Also, there are several online shopping rebate apps that are available…but that will be a separate Top 5 list because there are so many…


1. Ibotta - This one is my absolute favorite rebate app!  You get rewards quickly and you can link it directly with your paypal account.  Plus they have bonuses all of the time so you can get even more cash back on your purchases.  The other day I went to Publix and purchased $42 worth of groceries and got $8.15 back on Ibotta!  All you have to do is complete simple tasks, like watch an ad, look at a recipe, or take a quick poll (that takes 5 seconds may I add)…then take a picture of your receipt and within 24 hours you’ll get your rebate.  Once you reach $10 (which…trust me…wont take long), you can transfer it to your paypal account or get the balance on a gift card.  It’s easiest way to get cash back on purchases you’re already making AND has the most to offer when it comes to grocery rebates.  If you do decide to sign up, use my referral code: gphanck


2. Snap by GrouponGroupon now has an app that allows you to get money back on your grocery purchases.  It’s similar to Ibotta, but you don’t actually have to do anything extra to get the rebate.  You just snap a picture of your entire receipt, and then you select the deals that apply.  Off of the same Publix purchase, I got an extra $1.25 from Snap by Groupon PLUS 5 Starbucks star rewards.  They also have special offers like Ibotta.  Like right now if you purchase POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice you get $0.50 rebate…but if you buy 5 you can get an EXTRA $5!  So if you purchase 5 of them within that time span, you get $7.50 total cash rebate.  The only downside to this program is…there are fewer rebates available to redeem.  Ibotta has hundreds of rebates available, while snap by groupon may have 50 rebates available.


3. Checkout51 - Checkout51 is another great way to earn money back from your everyday grocery trip.  I’ve just started using the app, so that’s why it’s not higher up on the list…however, it’s still good enough to add to the list.  This is the most like Snap by Groupon.  You don’t have to do anything extra to get the rebate…just snap a picture of your entire receipt and you are eligible for the rebate.  It also has the same downside…only 35-50 rebates are available at one time…but they do change them up quite often.  Off of the same Publix purchase, I got an extra $1.50 from Checkout51…mind you $0.50 of that was uploading my 1st receipt…but it’s like getting a free $0.50!


4. Shopmium – Shopmium is another great way to get cash back on your purchases, and has a lot of similar offers to Ibotta/Snap by Groupon/Checkout51 …so it’s a great way to get extra cash back on those items as well.  This app is similar to Checkout51 and Snap by Groupon, with only a handful of offers every week…however they rotate offers frequently.   If you do decide to sign up for Shopmium, make sure you use my referral code: KGEMMEKM


5. Walmart Savings Catcher – This one is the easiest one of them all!  All you have to do is download the Walmart app, select “Savings Catcher”…snap the bar code at the bottom of your walmart receipt…enter the date of your purchase and the app does the rest for you.  The app searches all of the local ads to see if there was a better price listed in your local area…if there is you get the difference on a Walmart gift card!  Honestly…this app is great and you’ll be surprised at how much you end up getting.  The example on the site says the following (to give a clearer picture of how it works): “Peter Pan Peanut Butter, buy one, get one free. Save up to $3.50.” will be compared as follows: Competitor BOGO “Save up to $3.50” means that each Peter Pan Peanut Butter costs $1.75 ($3.50 / 2 = $1.75). If the Walmart price for one Peter Pan Peanut Butter is $3.00, you would then get back $1.25 on each Peter Pan Peanut Butter you buy at Walmart ($3.00 – $1.75 = $1.25).  There is no minimum to redeem your rewards too…which is always great.

Honorable mentions:

SavingStar – This is a great app…no only because you get grocery rebates…but you also can get cash back for your online purchases.  As for the grocery part (since that’s what’s this post is focusing on) this app is similar to Checkout51 and Snap by Groupon.  You don’t have to do anything extra to get the rebate…just snap a picture of your entire receipt and you are eligible for the rebate.  The selection is a little limited too…but the cash back offers available are great.  Their offers are more on bulk purchases…like purchase $20 of this brand, get a $5 rebate.  I would definitely sign up for this one because this one has the most to offer (online and in store shopping).

CartSmart – I just started using CartSmart…so that’s one of the reasons why it didn’t make the list.  However, this app looks to be very similar to Checkout51.  I haven’t received any cash back yet from this app…but like I said, it’s because I just found out about it a few days ago.

Shrink – Shrink is a great app, but the cash back offers are just not there for me.  If you purchase items that are specific to a diet (gluten free, vegan…etc.) you may be interested in this app.  They do have general items as well…like cash back on any milk/lettuce/product…so you can still get some cash back.  Also, if you use this link you can get a $1 just for signing up.  

Favado – This isn’t actually a rebate app, but I had to add this because it’s a great way to find out what stores in your area have the best deals.  Just download the app, select your store and find out who has the best deals.  It’s a great way to save time and money.

Now…the apps that are not my favorites…but are still worth looking at.

I want to disclose that though these apps are not my favorites, they still may offer some sort of cash back deal.  I just haven’t had much luck with these.

1. Shopkick – This one has the potential to be great.  You get points for just walking into most stores…and extra rewards if you scan items in that store.  The only issue that I have with it is that you don’t get rewarded the way you should.  You have to physically be on the app to earn rewards…and it looks a little awkward running around a store like target scanning random items.  Also, I always forget to go on the app when I got into a store.  This is a slow paying app as well.  It will take you a while to get to a substantial reward.  Still you can get rewarded for just walking into a store…you don’t have to purchase anything…so it’s really hard to be mad at this one.

2. Receipt Hog – This site could be pretty amazing…however, it just takes so long to get anywhere.  I’ve been doing using this app for a month now and I’m at 250 points…which is one fourth of the way to a $5 paypal credit.  If you’re just wanting an extra app that will eventually pay out…you can download this, but it may be a while before you actually see any rewards.  Still…you get rewarded for almost any purchase you make…so it’s hard to really be too upset at it.  If you do decide to sign up for this app, you can use this code to get extra spins for a chance to win more points: frut4025